Latest Updates

Early Childhood Division

  • Morah Amanda, Morah Julia and Morah Brenna are beloved  teachers at Epstein Hebrew Academy. They will be working in the 2 year old, 3 year old and 4 year old bunks.
  • We have trained teachers on staff to welcome your precious little ones.
  • At Camp Ora we pride ourselves on our small adult to child ratio.
  • In these uncertain times our staff is trained in safety drills and procedures as well as first aid.
  • Your little children will enjoy a productive, fun filled day on our beautiful EHA campus.
  • At Camp Ora we safely bring the field trips to the campus, insuring that travel is limited.
  • This year, we will have, a petting zoo, Michael, from Way Cool Balloons, magicians, jugglers, Mad Science and many more exciting guests!
  • Each day your child will enjoy a structured main activity, such as, baking, art, and movement & music, with trained staff in a warm and nurturing setting,